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One True Potato

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I reblog stuff. Beware of the bad english. I also have a second account at patayoh, that i use to track friends' blogs and talk more about my life, feel free to follow that one if you want to talk to me and stuff. (It's actually my main account now)
Apr 15 '14


                           HELP ME AFFORD GROCERIES!! 

  Hey, guys— I’m officially opening up some quick digital commissions. They’ll be done in the proportions I usually sketch in— Not exactly chibi, but also not entirely full-body, either! Have a few bucks to throw around? Why not toss them my way! I’m new to this commission deal, so I’ll admit it’s a little spooky putting myself out there, but I’m eager to please (and seriously I need groceries pretty badly hahaHAHA)

Anyway! Options for now are:

  • Single-color flats
  • Full-color flats
  • $12: Single-colored flat, one character (ex. A)
     +$4 additional character (ex. B)
  • $15: Full-colored flat, one-character (ex. C)
     +$5 for additional character (ex. D)
  • Each commission will have colored lines, regardless of options
  • I will make them transparent by default, with some minor background. If you would like it without a background or without transparency, just ask!

What will I draw?? Just about anything! People, anthros, animals, tasteful nudity, even! Fan art, original content, whatever!

What won’t I draw?

  • Complicated mecha (sorry!)
  • Pornography (at least on this round— message me for information)
  • I hold the right to say if something is too uncomfortable for me to draw, but you can always ask!

Interested? I’m taking a limited number of these per batch, so here’s the best way to contact me!

  • Send me a message as soon as you’re interested, I’m going on first-come, first-serve basis
  • E-mails are preferable for anything beyond initial messages!
  • When I accept your commission, please have:
    -References, the more the better
    -Any descriptions you think would be useful (personality, little backstory, descriptions)

You can always message me at my account, Danteo, or Danscratch! They’re both me. My e-mail and PayPal address is, but please do not send a payment until I accept your commission! I will get started on your commission as soon as I receive your payment, after I’ve confirmed with you.

Reblogs are always appreciated!! Thanks, everyone!

Current slot availability:

Apr 3 '14


Forever reblogging anything gillian anderson related

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Mar 14 '14



If you’re interested in commissioning me, PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!

I am in need of some cash for a trip I’ll be taking. I am taking payments now. BUT!!! I WILL NOT be starting on the art until March 26th, because I have so many things to get done and will be out of state for a week!!!

  • Bust, no color— $12
  • Full character line art, no color— $16
  • +$5 per character added.
  • Bust, color — $18
  • Color full body— $25
  • +$5 per character added
Bust, no color— $12 Full character line art, no color— $16 +$5 per character added.

This go-around, I’m only drawing OCs! This is my OC commission block. If you have an OC that you love and would like to see me attempt to draw them, shoot me an ask and we can get your commission set up!

Remember!!! I won’t be able to start on the art until I am back home on March 26th. If waiting a little while is a problem for you, don’t commission me right now! But if you decide to wait, please realize that my slots might be full and I might turn you away. 

I take all payments through paypal. Send me an ask if you’re interested and we can get set up!

Mar 10 '14


30 Day Challenge // Day 23 // Something That Makes You Happy

I’ve learned how to cook since I moved out to California. It’s therapeutic. And delicious~ I garnish everything with a fried egg, and I never regret it.

Mar 1 '14



I opened a society6 account to try and earn a penny or two now and then. There’s not much so far because I don’t have many good sell-able artwork, and because some of it is restricted, but I plan to add some new stuff on a regular basis, so check it out !

It’d be cool if you reblogged or shared or anything, since it all helps. however not forcing anybody nor expecting anything so if you don’t that’s cool too.

Feb 9 '14


Hello ! I decided to drop out of my current school for many reasons, but i have plans for other, much better schools. In the meantime, I wouldn’t want to spend my time doing nothing, and I have plenty time to draw, so I am opening commissions !

Prices :

  • Head/Bust : $13/10€  |  With cell-shading :$20/15€
  • Full body : $25/20€  |  With cell-shading : $33/25€

>$13/10€ for any additional character in a full body commission

I WILL DRAW NSFW. Gladly even.

I will draw anthros. We can just discuss what you want and if I am willing/able to do it really, I will most likely not refuse.

Art blog

NSFW art blog

Contact me through mail at

Thank you for sharing !

Jan 9 '14

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Dec 11 '13

Last illustration for the class drop for WILDSTAR. Engineer.


Last illustration for the class drop for WILDSTAR. Engineer.

Dec 4 '13



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Dec 1 '13




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